"Charity makes you Jewish" Money Box, big size


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Porcelain charity box, from Zsuzsa Ujj's workshop.

The inspiration of the shape comes from Hungarian folk art, the treasury chest or clothing coffin of village people. The lid is removable, as much as the ribbon lets it move: a wooden bead tied to the end of the ribbon prevents it from slipping out of the lid. The idea is that we treasure our ability to give. There is no need for a lock of any kind: this money-box is one to be used at home, and should be emptied regularly, so that those in need won’t have to wait for long.

Limited production, each and every piece is somewhat different: the shade of the blue, the way the gold appears on the letters, the color of the silk ribbon and the wooden beads.

14x16x9 cm / 3x4x2.5 inches, slipcasted porcelain under a clear transparent glaze, which helps to emphasize the carved decoration: "Charity makes you Jewish” with in golden china-paint among flowers on one front side, and floral decoration on the other side.

Perfect bat mitzvah present for a friend, or wedding present for a Jewish - or not Jewish - couple. 

Should we say more?

Giving Tzedakah is a commandment in Judaism that many of us carry out, whether it is donating to their local community, charitable organizations or giving for some vital cause. As children learn to give from a young age, it is important to put it into practice at home, making a Tzedakah box a natural product in every house. There are plenty of causes to give for, your family can choose one that speaks out to you. Once the box is full, empty it, send it to the right organization and start over!