White and Gold Seder Set, Crystal collection

121.000 Ft

A beautiful Seder plate, an elegant pair of candlesticks, a Kiddush cup on a tray; for Lel haSeder

The head of the candlesticks is a sculpted star of David shape, geometric, like some crystal. The base is a more organic shape, like the stem of a flower. There are 3 horizontal lines hand-painted in gold china-paint.


The Seder plate's floral decoration is carved. Slipcasted, hand-painted overglaze with real gold china-paint.

The base of the candlesticks and kiddush cup is made of stained material, and it is decorated with overglaze gold china-paint.

The goblet is matching the candlesticks both in color and style.
This set is standing on a hexagonal porcelain tray with gold contours.

The collection altogether gives an Art Nouveau impression.

What's in the box?

A Seder plate 

Diameter: 32 cm/12 inches, 26 mm/1 inch high

Diamond headed candlesticks 6*9 cm / 2,3*4 inches;

Kidush cup 7*11 cm / 2.75*4.33 inches;

Tray: 20 cm diameter, 8 inches.