Seder Set collection


A beautiful Seder plate, an elegant pair of candlesticks, a Kiddush cup on a tray; for Lel haSeder

The head of the candlesticks is a sculpted star of David shape, geometric, like some crystal. The base is a more organic shape, like the stem of a flower. There are 3 horizontal lines hand-painted in gold china-paint.


The Seder plate's floral decoration is carved. Slipcasted, hand-painted overglaze with blue and real gold china-paint.

The light blue base of the candlesticks and kiddush cup is made of stained material, and it is decorated with overglaze gold chinapaint.

The goblet is matching the candlesticks both in color and style.
This set is standing on a hexagonal porcelain tray with gold contours.

The collection altogether gives an Art Nouveau impression.

What's in the box?

A Seder plate 

Diameter: 32 cm/12 inches, 26 mm/1 inch high

Diamond headed candlesticks 6*9 cm / 2,3*4 inches;

Kidush cup 7*11 cm / 2.75*4.33 inches;

Tray: 20 cm diameter, 8 inches.