Blue Seder Set with Floral collection

77.900 Ft

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A beautiful Seder plate, an elegant pair of candlesticks, a Kiddush cup on a tray; for Lel haSeder

The head is a stylized pomegranate shape, with the petals forming the star of David: a symbol of several meanings. In general the many grains of the fruit is connected to fertility and prosperity, but from the Jewish perspective it is also the motif embroided on the garment of the High Priest.


The Seder plate's floral decoration is carved. Slipcasted, hand-painted overglaze with blue and real gold china-paint.

The light blue base of the candlesticks and kiddush cup is made of stained material, and it is decorated with overglaze gold chinapaint.

The goblet is matching the candlesticks both in color and style.

The collection altogether gives an Art Nouveau impression.

What's in the box?

A Seder plate 

Diameter: 32 cm/12 inches, 26 mm/1 inch high

Diamond headed candlesticks 6*9 cm / 2,3*4 inches;

Kidush cup 7*11 cm / 2.75*4.33 inches;

Tray: 20 cm diameter, 8 inches.