Chai porcelain plate for challah or wall decoration

115.000 Ft

Celebrating life: Underglaze cobalt blue and turquoise handpainted porcelain plate, “chai”, “life “ with Hebrew letters.

The arrangement is centric symmetrical, like a mandala, a bunch of leaves and tendrils are dancing around repeatedly- or letter “shin” for Shekhinah, Godly Presence. Let us live our lives in this awareness.
Among those leaves-like brush-strokes there spiralic tendrils shining through.

Slipcasted porcelain, under- and overglaze handpainted, signed on the backside. There are two holes in the bottom rim for hanging on the wall.

Width: 32 centimeters
Height: 3 centimeters
Length: 32 centimeters

Designed by Zsuzsa Ujj.