Geometric Chanukiah with Stars Of David, landscape version

21.000 Ft

Traditionally arranged Chanukkiah in a modern form.

There is a little bird sitting on top of this geometric construction: the most free creature of nature with a precisely consructed series of The Star of David. The bird is carrying the ninth candle, the one that is going to light the other eight.

The design idea came from the way the stars are connected in the Kabbalist Plate. The little bird is one of Zsuzsa Ujj, the designer's favourite motifs, you may find it on several of her items. The bird is a creature which is free to move between earth and heaven... just like our souls, when we let it go free.

Porcelain, handcrafted, handpainted: it has been fired in the kiln 4 times. With gold-plated copper candle cups.

Size: 22*8*5 cm / 8,66*3,14*1,96 inches