Peacock Chanukiah

32.500 Ft

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Porcelain Hanukkah candleholder

The designer is keen on playing with where to put the extra candle of the Hanukia. In this case it is on the head of a peacock, like a crown, while the eight main candles at at the end of the feather-tails  Meanwhile, this part of the item does not only look like a fan, but it can be understood as a Tree of Life, with 22 flowers for the letters of the Alefbet (Hebrew alphabet).

The stand and the tail part is made of white porcelain, with cobalt blue inlay to emphasize the details, while the body of the bird is turquoise blue coloured china material, the whole piece is covered with transparent glaze, and decorated with overglaze 12k gold china-paint.

Size: 15,5x10x9,5 cm/6x4x3,8 inches.

Inner diameter of goldened copper accessories: 9mm / 0.3 inches

Standard Hanukkah candles fit into it.

Designed by Zsuzsa Ujj.