Rumbach Charity box

30.500 Ft

The decoration of this charity box shows a charasterictic detail of the newly renovated Rumbach street synagogue's wall decoration.
The dominant colors of red, blue and gold have got their specific meanings in Judaism, the rich and various floral decoration represents the endless varieties of creation.

Designed by Zsuzsa Ujj.

This item is made of porcelain with inlaid color enamels and overlaze gold decoration.
For pledging the intention of charity, there is a fragile silken ribbon: easy to open, easy to change your mind. Brace yourselves, stay srong.
The endings of the silk ribbon are secured by wooden beads not to run out of the porcelain handles when you open the box.

Note from the designer:
"All of my works are bearing the marks of having been handmade, realized by a fallible human: the handpainted lines follow my breath and my heartbeats, so minor differences may occur."

Sizes: 10x7x12 cm/5.2x4.8x6 inches.