Seder Plate with 6 tiny bowls

116.000 Ft

Pesach set of 7 pieces: Seder plate, and 6 tiny bowls for keeping all ingredients separately. This set lets you set your Seder night table really nice. 

The set is designed by Zsuzsa Ujj.

It is not easy to paint on the inside of a bowl, therefore the handpainted Hebrew words appear on the large plate only, actually, when in use, you won’t see the letters anyway. The floral decoration has been handcarved into the surface of the plaster casting mold in a somewhat Art Nouveau style.
The gold is overglaze chinapaint.

Seder plate 32 cm/13 inches in diameter, the small pieces are 7,5 cm/ 3 inches wide.

Note from the designer:
"All of my works are bearing the marks of having been handmade, realized by a fallible human: the handpainted lines follow my breath and my heartbeats, so minor differences may occur."