Tzedakah Box


The inspiration of the shape comes from Hungarian folk art, the treasury chest or clothing coffin of village people.

The lid is removeable, as much as the ribbon lets it move: a wooden bead tied to the end of the ribbon prevents it from slipping out of the lid. The idea is that we treasure our ability to give. There is no need for a lock of any kind: this money-box is a tiny one to be used at home, which has to be emptied regularly, so that those in need won’t have to wait for long. 7x10x6 cm/ 3x4x2.5 inches, slipcasted porcelain. "Tzedakkah" with Hebrew letters, in golden china paint among flowers on one front side, and a pair of peacocks on the other side.

Porcelain charity box, limited production - each and every piece is somewhat different: the shade of the blue, the way the gold appears on the letters, the color of the silk ribbon and the wooden beads...

Designed by Zsuzsa Ujj.

Perfect bat or bar mitzvah present for a friend.

Background story

Giving charity is one of the most important values in Judaism. As tzedakah is a basic priority for Judapest team, we encourage you to promote the idea in your home and office, teach it to your friends, children and customers. It is your personal tool to inspire giving. It teaches great values, the importance of helping others, and gives a meaningful place for all the spare change found deep within your couch cushions.

The Hebrew “Tzedakah” comes from tzodek, meaning right or just. We don’t consider charity to be a gracious act of benevolence: it’s a fundamental part of sustaining the world’s balance and repairing its injustices. On our biggest holiday, Yom Kippur, the “Unetaneh Tokef” prayer says that repentance, prayer and charity can avert something evil that has been decreed against you. Many of us has the tradition of donating money for charity just before lighting the Shabbat candles, or when remembering a deceased loved one. Some of us transfer money to NGO's from time to time, and many keep a charity box close at hand for depositing loose change, which can be collected over time and donated as of your choice. No matter when or how you choose to donate, our collection of gorgeous Tzedakah boxes is a great way to give, and a great way to remind ourselves the importance of caring for those in need!