"Joint Petek" messenger bag


Can you read this tricky text?

It is tricky even for native Hebrew speakers. "A matana fun amerikaner jiden durkh di ameriken dzhuish dzhoint distribushon komite".

Product details

Screen-printed waterproof material.

Design by Jozefa Iványi (Cangira).

The story

The name of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, founded in 1914, or Joint for short in Hungary, is almost intertwined with the concept of assistance in córes. From the stories of parents who drifted after the war, grandparents who resumed after the Holocaust, we can know the especially delicious peanut butter and canned milk that came straight from America, and the soup that has never been tasted before. The Joint assisted about two-thirds of those who returned to Hungary after the war. He maintained folk kitchens, supported the restoration and maintenance of Jewish institutions, provided long-term interest-free loans to returnees to restart life, and helped rebuild churches and schools. A conceptual lawsuit was filed against the Joint in 1953 by the Hungarian authorities, which was forced to close the office and suspend its activities in Hungary.

The text on the backpack originally arrived in Hungary with a food package, indicating that the contents of the package came from American Jews through the Joint. For everyone to understand, the text is in Yiddish and the full long English name of the Joint is spelled out in it, of course according to the rules of Yiddish spelling. The card preserving the memory of solidarity between Jewish communities belongs to the collection of the Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives.