"Beautify yourself before Him in mitzvot"

– teaches us the Talmud (Shabbat 133b)

We believe...

that Judaism is a lifestyle. There was once a blog called Judapest, which was an important virtual meeting place for a lot of young Hungarian Jews in the mid-2000s. We loved it too. The young people who gathered there interpreted Judaism freely, and allowed themselves and others to search for their identity alongside or against the mainstream. The blog's last post was made in 2009. 10 years later, we had the opportunity to make an old dream come true: we designed a contemporary design store in the Jewish quarter of Budapest. We both agreed that there couldn't be a better name than Judapest. It reflects on everything that our project is about: Budapest, Jewish and not, deriding at the anti-Semites, who once mocked the Hungarian capital and Jews with this name. So we approached the former editor-in-chief of the blog, who happily gave his blessing to our plans. Welcome to Judapest.

Edina Schőn ans András Büchler

...that's why we're creating contemporary judaica for every Jewish house,

from secular to orthodox.

Let’s surround ourselves...

with our ancient tradition in a 21st century style.

We're a unique Jewish gift shop in the heart of Budapest.