Exclusive Ghanaian Shea Butter


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  • it has an inflammatory effect
  • it soothes irritation, reduces redness of the skin
  • it nourishes and hydrates the skin in depth
  • it supports skin regeneration and stimulates epithelial formation
  • it has an antibacterial effect
  • it promotes scarring
  • it has a protective, sunscreen effect
  • it stimulates collagen production
  • it prevents wrinkles and signs of aging
  • it restores the shine and beauty of hair
  • it feeds the capillary fibers
  • it protects hair


  • can be applied on freshly cleansed and slightly moist skin on its own
  • can be mixed with vegetable oils, essential oils or various extracts to suit the needs of the skin
  • can be used in products intended for use before and after sunbathing, in order to protect against the harmful rays of the sun and to curb exfoliation
  • recommended for exhausted muscles, as an ingredient in ointments developed for massage and lymphatic massage, together with selected active ingredients depending on the purpose of treatment
  • can be mixed with cosmetic active ingredients selected depending on the existing problems, as an ingredient in preparations intended for massaging dry, problematic scalp, but also for stimulating hair growth
  • as an ingredient in hair wraps recommended for dry, deteriorated hair with split strands and curly or unstoppable, ’rebellious’ hair
  • can be used alone or in combination with other vegetable oils, during pregnancy to maintain skin elasticity and prevent pregnancy streaks. It can be used successfully even after childbirth to smooth and soften existing stripes
  • can be used for creating lip balms
  • can be used in nourishing, vitamin-based night creams that can be applied around the eyes
  • can be added to mechanical exfoliating products
  • can be used for natural hydration of the face and body
  • can be used for perfect eye care
  • it is effective for pampering and anti-cellulite massages
  • a fantastic lip care
  • it improves the elasticity of the skin, effectively helps in the care of cellulite
  • can be used for after-sun skin care
  • can be applied on scars since it naturally increases collagen production
  • it relieves the discomfort caused by a red nose when you catch a cold
  • it reduces irritations after shaving and hair cut

Storage: Should be kept in a cool, dry place

Other warnings:

  • Latex sensitive people shoud avoid using it as it may cause sensitization if you have adopted nuts allergies