Logideez – Miracle Edition

19.800 Ft

Find your very own style for the Holidays 

Create a form by placing each block next to each other to form a continuous surface. The Logifaces Miracle Edition offers endless different and playful arrangements for the eight days long holiday. Try to arrange the candlesticks in new decorative forms.

Logifaces is a mindcracking game, to boost your creativity, and challenge yourself. The 9-piece set contains 7 different types of prisms, each of them identifiable by the height of their three vertices. The Hanukiah represent the miracle of the oil burning for eight days instead of one. Every day of Hanukkah, Jewish families get together at sunset and light the Hanukiah, one candle at a time so that on the eighth day, all the candles are burning bright. Now you can experience the fun and creativity displaying your candles in the most unique ways.

Designed by Daniel Lakos.

Available in black, grey and multicolor.