Mint-green Seder Plate

49.900 Ft

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Seder plate with mint green floral decoration.

The flowers had been carved into the plaster mold, and a green, transparent glaze is making them visible. The Hebrew words are handpainted, just like the overglaze golden contours. The floral decoration coming from Hungarian folk art, which is coming from Turkish style embroidery, which is coming from... long time in history.

Designed by Zsuzsa Ujj


Slipcasted, handpainted under- and overglaze, the golden china paint is real gold on it. Diameter: 32 cm / 12 inches, 26 mm / 1 inch high


The centerpiece of the Passover Seder table is undoubtedly the Seder Plate. It holds the ritual seder items mentioned in the Haggadah: a hard boiled egg (beitza), a shank bone (z'roa), bitter herbs (maror), horseradish (hazeret), vegetable (karpas), and charoset.

Whether you're looking for a traditional Seder plate, or a bit more modern design, our pieces will be part of your family legacy!