Silk Scarf "Mazl Tov" 74*74 cm


If you like the Hebrew text saying "Mazl tov" on these beautiful, elegant ,hand painted, silk scarves, we give you the story which is behind it.

The inspiration comes from a document that we found in the collection of the Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives. Here is the origin of it: in order to manage the economic affairs of the estates and to boost trade, the landlords settled Jews on their estates in many cases. In 1740, Sándor Károlyi, the landlord of Nagykároly in Satu Mare County, made fifty plots of land available to Jews next to his castle to settle in the depopulated city. The community was free to elect a rabbi, but the election had to be approved by representatives of the local administration.

In 1834, the famous Talmudic scholar Perls Mayer was invited to be a rabbi in Nagykároly, and a year later he was elected chief rabbi of the county. A document written with artistic care was issued about the latter, listing the duties and rights of the rabbi. The document was signed by the representatives of the Jewish communities of the county, and the contract was sealed as a sign of the approval of the Jewish community of Nagykároly.

The scarves are designed by Elvira Kovács (Elvisilk). Size 74*74 cm. Hand wash only.

This model is available in 2 more sizes.