Socks Inspired By The Windows Of The Heroes' Temple

3.200 Ft

The windows of the Heros' Synagogue of Budapest moved onto our locally-made socks!

Small size for ladies (EU size 35-40) / Big size for men (EU size 41-46).
97% cotton, 3% elasthan.

Background story

The name of the synagogue stands for the Jewish soldiers who fought in the ranks of the Hungarian army in World War I and died on the battlefield as Hungarian heroes. After the war Hungary fell into pieces and many politically influential circles were blaming the national minorities for the consequences of the peace treaty signed in 1920, turning mainly against the Jews. The Jewish Community tried to prove the loyalty of its members towards Hungary and established the Hungarian Jewish Military Archives to collect information on the Jewish soldiers losing their lives in the war. The Hungarian Jewish Military Almanach published by them helps today also in researching family history. This is how the newest synagogue of the Jewish Quarter of Budapest was built, according to the plans of László Vago and Ferenc Faragó in 1931, when the complex of the Dohány Synagogue was enlarged and the Jewish Museum was also built.